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Unreal Engine 4 ‘Advanced Glass Material Pack’ Review

Learn how to use them in your projects.

Advanced Glass Material Pack

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to simulate every type of glass surface imaginable, then this glass material pack is the right choice for you. For 15 bucks, you get 5 master materials and various instance materials for each type. This advanced glass pack is also a great way to study their blueprint nodes. This way you can experiment with them even further to create some unique results.

For those who like things to remain simple, the 35 material instances should be more than adequate for your projects. The material instance options give you simple controls to dial the perfect glass look.

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You can buy this pack directly from the UE4 Launcher’s Marketplace section or from Epic Games’ site which is linked below this post. Remember to use the same account you login into UE4 with for purchase.

After the pack downloads, you can either manually place the files into your project’s Content folder or use the Add To Project button. The Add To Project button will be displayed on this pack’s Marketplace page inside the Launcher.

You can then simply drag and drop the materials in your scene.

Glass Types

You get the following types of effects:

  1. Clean: Coloured + 10 tileable patterns + 2 scratched (with normal maps)
  2. Dirty: 9 different variations
  3. Frozen: 3 different frost textures (with normal maps)
  4. Shattered: 6 different variations (with normal maps)
  5. Wet: 2 moving rain patterns simulating rain drops streaming down a window pane


These are the features advertised with this pack:

  1. Vertex paint support
  2. Custom textures support (opacity, refraction, roughness)
  3. Easy and flexible Material Instance workflow
  4. High resolution textures (up to 2k)
  5. Bonus content


Check out an overview of all the effects in the video below:

This is a really cool pack, and I got it mostly because of the procedural rain materials, that I wanted to try out so much. Moreover, you get the awesome diffuse and normal textures which you can use in Max and VRay for creating the same effects.

This pack is definitely worth the $15 price and kudos to the artist for making it available on the marketplace for everyone.

Marketplace Link

Go ahead and check it out!

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