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During upcoming year we are also going to do exterior “Tropical Island” Challenge. And release new Exterior Class with UNREAL ENGINE 4.

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VFX for ArchVIZ  – Learn to Create Realistic Fire and Water. Upgrade your renders with realistic VFX- Make your Demo Reel Stand Out!



VRay NEXT (Light version) – All VRay NEXT from A-Z  Functions & Features – Complete VRay NEXT Video Guide – Manual.




VRay Interior Workshop 3.0 – Learn to setup lighting and rendering buy using VRay Physical Lighting System. Based of NUBA COR scene.



VRay Exterior Workshop – Learn to setup exterior lighting with VRay HDRI and VRaySun, based of DUPLEX scene.




VR Tour with UNREAL ENGINE – Create Virtual Reality Tour with UNREAL ENGINE, plus scripting for moving, opening doors, lights, textures and more.



VRay Portfolio Workshop 2.0 – More advanced lighting techniques for making photorealistic looking 3D images. Take that chance to Create your PORTFOLIO!



VRay Basic Lighting – Based of basics to advanced lighting rendering and post production techniques. We’ll use FRENCH SCENE to do sample renders.



Interior Design Challenge – Design of small spaces based of 3 cubical modules, you can pick one and follow my instructions. Based of BEACH HOUSE scene.



VRay Stills Production – Hollywood lighting techniques and post production software to create realistic renders. Preparation for next class which is fly-through animation.



VRay Fly-through Animation – Learn to calculate flicker free animation. Setup camera on track and let it fly-through your space. Plus After effects and Premier Pro sequence production with sound effects.



Photoshop Post Work 2.0 – Learn to assemble VRay Passes as basic – simple 6. And more advanced unique way for working with 16 passes and realistic effects.



Photoshop for Architects – How to treat big scale exterior renders in Photoshop to give them amazing look! Based of FUTURE CITY project.



Key to 3D Success – This workshop is for beginners to learn the basics of observation, working ethics, industry standards, technical and artistic approach. Plus Marketing videos for self/business promotion with google and facebook.



VRay Webinars Pack 3.0 – This pack includes 50 hours of live training that we did. We are going through analyzing renders from the class and experience verity of most common mistakes. Great for newbies to see how to fix their renders.



Upcoming Workshops

  • VRay Exterior – “Tropical Island” Challenge – This will be guided challenge for creating tropical environments, with exotic vegetation, we will learn about flowers combination and landscape design. However the challenge will be concentrated on creation of island environment with selection of a house. We will learn how to manage vegetation with forest pack, and how to create realistic looking leaves!
  • Exterior with UNREAL ENGINE 4 – We’ll be working with free libraries of 3d scanned objects and use population tools to distribute plants, grass, trees etc. You can bring your model from any 3D software – 3Ds Max, Sketchup, Maya, Modo, C4D. and work with it in UNREAL ENGINE.


All classes can have certificate of participation, however if you submit portfolio with 6 works you can be granted “Junior 3D Artist” Certificate OR 12 works will grant you “Senior 3D Artist” Diploma. This is the highest certificate VRaySchool provides. All works that you submit must be from current practices at vrayschool.com forum. Works outside the program will not be evaluated.



10 PREMIUM SCENES – With Lighting & Rendering Settings

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