I have been interested in participating Vray-Training since beginning of 2011
after i just learned 3Ds Max and bought Vray-education software for 3Ds max..
Shortly after i found a job working with Cinema4D and Vray, I just tried around with Vray-Lights but only got good results with sunlight… i decided to participate this Time..
I just watched a video-tutorial about Photoshop Post Production you made and this convinced me about the quality of your trainings…
During Vray-Training i learned a lot of things i did not expert before: about good composition and how to mix lights, light colors.. and i also take care of color contrast of light they use in films, I also learned much about Postproduction with Photoshop..
My pictures look much better now and if i look at my old projects i recognize a lot of mistakes i did not see bevore… during this time i began to recognize more conscious many things in our real world, like horizont line and wow it behaves if you move height, color and look of natural and artificial lights.
I think i learned even more about these things than cinema4D/Vray specific things, but I’m happy with!
I learned a lot of useful things about Vray.I am now able to get better contrast to my pictures, and less problems with overburned areas..
I really enjoyed this training and I would love to participate another time with Vray or Photoshop Training.

Claudia Heine Interior Designer

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