TWINMOTION for Architecture

Produce High-End Animations and 360 presentations
Learn to use Twinmotion like a Professional Movie Producer
With Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials and 3D Training Model
Add Amazing ArchVIZ Demo Reel to your Portfolio - Learn Entire Video Production Process

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The goal of this class is to get Photorealistic output, therefore we are going to learn about camera lenses, depth of field, special effects, and color corrections filters – that can be applied to your cameras.

We are also going to check additional sources for textures and models, such as Quixel MEGA Scans, these are also for free for Unreal Engine Users.

Produce the next masterpiece in just a few clicks.

The highlight of this class is the VR option. We are going to teleport into our tropical house and see how we can use VR in real-time to adjust materials while using HTC Vive inside Twinmotion.

Learn to produce cinematic ArhcVIZ in a day.

You will master ArhcVIZafter going through those video tutorials and practicing.


Some Testimonials from Students about Vrayschool

Kobi Peer 3D Artist

I really enjoyed this course. Alex is a good trainer and very responsive! I was doing a lot of tutorials on the web but this training have showed me some proper ways for creating realistic interiors…I’m very pleased with the results and the course organization, but I know I need to continue learning and exploring 3D world. Thanks a lot to Alex for making this inspiring and interesting to learn. All the best!

Rebecca Nolan Landscape Architect

Great techniques for camera! I liked this approach of relying on references and taking your own pictures. The 360 option and cloud upload is what we currently use to communicate our work to clients. Thanks for showing this Alex! It's a game changer, makes it easy to get feedback and communicate design ideas.

Jerome Pierre Designer

I enjoyed this exploration of Twinmotion capabilities. there are so many hidden functions and path tracing makes everything look so good! Thanks for showing some good techniques for building a story line and not just producing shots. Looking forward for more UE integration since it's lacking of street objects library, and Twinmotion got all it needs.

    Use your time to progress and learn new skills that only PRO's use!

    The power is in the knowledge - but it's nothing without experience.

    Who Is The Course For?



    3D artists

    3D Freelancer


    On Completion of the course there will be granted a COA certificate. “Certificate of Attendance”

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    Offer is valid only
    for a limited time till December 1 2022.
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