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3Dconnexion Space Mouse | Pro 3D Artist Tools | Influencer Kit Review

3Dconnexion Space Mouse

Pro 3D Artist Tools

Amazing gift for the holidays for any 3D artist would be 3Dconnexion Space Mouse or even small navigation joystick.

It will make your work so much pleasant!

I only now realize how awful my old mouse and pad has been for my workflow. But you can only appreciate, if try it – and feel the difference with your wrist.

And once you do you can never go back!

Check this video overview here:

So just to clarify this is navigation tool – it is not meant to replace your mouse!

Right hand on the mouse – left hand on the SpaceMouse.

  • If you’re a modeling scene – you are gonna pan and pivot with SpaceMouse and model with your mouse.
  • If you’re animating character – same thing, you’re going to hover around the character with SpaceMouse and position key frames with your mouse.
  • If you’re doing cameras and trying to get the “Perfect Angle” – this joystick got incredible touch response, and it’s so smooth and delicate when it comes to getting the composition you’re looking for.

Another important aspect of accuracy is your Mouse Pad – the surface you glide your mouse has significant importance to productivity.

I’ve noticed that I can work longer hours and get really into it and finish bigger amount of work without frustration.

The reason is – when you’re doing a lot of detailed work you have to zoom in, and mouse rolling wheel just wouldn’t do it.

It wither zoom too much, or zoom out too far. Which becomes annoying if you’re trying to model something small and delicate.

Well SpaceMouse is the perfect solution for this – and the combination of both – SpaceMouse and Cad Mouse Pad – Gives you the opportunity to work with both hands with incredible precision.

Thanks to 3Dconnexion Space Mouse my workflow gets to the next level.

Post your comments below – lest me know what you think about this tool?

Happy Holidays!

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