Can I take the exam online?

VCP exam can be taken online only if you can’t travel to local CGATC. VLT must be with instructor presence. Contact us to receive info package.

When can I do the VCP exam?

When you feel that you are ready. You have watched all the videos and you are feeling confident about working with VRay.

Where can I take the VCP exam?

In our location in Miami during the business hours. We will be visiting San Francisco and other cities during the year, so make sure to check our calendar events.

Can I take VCP exam without a course?

Yes, you can schedule the exam, however, if you fail you’ll have to retake it again. And we warmly recommend you to take the class first, the exam is not easy, the passing grade has to be 75% and up.

How the VCP exam goes?

One part is theoretical 30 min – Quiz type questionnaire. The second part is practical – hands-on practice – solving tasks with 3DsMax VRay scenes. Also 30 min. In total 1 hour of exam.

What will I get with this training?

Video demonstration of the subject to learn. PDF handout and 3Dsmax training files for tests.

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