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50.000 Subscribers – Thank You – Win a Hat!

50.000 Subscribers

Thanks a lot to those that follow my YouTube channel. Today we got 50.000 Subscribers! And that a half milestone to the 100.000 – YouTube Silver button.

I never thought that my channel will get that big, and now I’ll be putting more video out. Let me know if there’s any topic you want me to cover?

I’ve been answering feedbacks all these years – and there’s no reason to stop now 🙂

If my stuff helped you? Please let me know. What did you learn from my channel?

I’ll be giving away VRay hat with a cool VRay Logo – to the best comment under the video.

And if you are still not subscribed – CLICK HERE ->VRayGuide and Subscribe – Don’t miss the new videos!

We’ll be doing a survey soon, to choose the next workshop in 2021, so you can also post your ideas under this video.

Thanks again for following.



December 14, 2020
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