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Chaos Vantage

In this video tutorial we are going to explore Chaos Vantage GPU rendering:

As you can see very easy and fast to render with Chaos Vantage straight out of 3Ds Max.

The software is synchronized with your VRay GPU rendering and can produce astonishing results in real time!

I do find this very useful for quick projects and presentations. With Chaos Vantage your can render images as fast as 10sec per frame at 1080p.

This is a huge time saver if you compare that to VRay 5 GPU rendering, which can take unto 5 min when using Environment Fog or Aerial Perspective.

There are some small disadvantages with Chaos Vantage, one of then are the textures. Not all procedural or blending textures being rendered, but it’s just a matter of update.

I’m sure that in the near future it will be 100% compatible with all 3Ds Max VRay material types.

As for now this is super fast rendering tool that I use in y daily work.

Have to tried using Chaos Vantage already? This software is free for 30 days and you can get starting right away!

Just download and install on your 3Ds Max. Open up your 3D scene and click to export that into Chaos Vantage.

Start doing tweaks in 3DsMax and see what results you get in Chas Vantage app.

For more information regarding this software and collection bundle please check visit our V-Ray Collection here.

Thanks for checking this out

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