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Convert 3Ds Max Camera To VRay Physical Camera With Simple Script

Lele's VRay Tools

Ask yourself, can this 3ds Max task be automated? If your answer is yes, then head over to Scriptspot. Over the years, Scriptspot has become the number resource for 3ds Max scripts. All of these scripts are designed to solve common Max problems and accelerate your workflow.

With that said, let me introduce you to a nifty set of tools for us VRay users. Lele’s VRay Tools is an excellent bundle of free scripts for VRay users. And within that bundle is a simple script for converting any 3ds Max Standard Camera to a VRay Physical Camera.

Your scene could be populated with any number of standard cameras, but all you’ll need to do is run this script for instant conversion. Moreover, the script also lets you create a VRay Physical Camera from any Perspective view.

Physcam Converter

  1. To convert your standard cameras, download the ‘Lele’s VRay Tools’ zip file. Extract it and put it in your Max scripts folder.
  2. The script is in the ‘Anything_To_Phys_Cam_Max_9’ folder.
  3. Run the script either from the ‘Run Scripts’ Max dialog or drag and drop the ‘proc.mse’ file over Max’s interface.
  4. Now you get a simple 2 button interface to convert the cameras or create them from current view.
  5. By clicking the ‘Convert Camera(s)’ button, you’ll get new VRay Physical Cameras in their spot.
  6. The new cameras will completely match the old Field-of-View and other settings. But the old cameras keep existing.
  7. And therefore, this process is non-destructive.


Physcam Converter

Hope you found tip helpful. Stay tuned to this blog for more 3ds Max and VRay Tips and Tricks. Share and comment on this post if you face any problems.

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