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“How to Apply for work at DBOX?”

Hey, Ya’ll – Got too many requests lately asking for this specific information, and the application procedure at DBOX?

Well first of all you got to be able to work in U.S. –  Even if you Good doesn’t mean you gonna get a working visa in U.S. –  DBOX is getting over 100 emails a day – the competition is big and the procedure is very long, you have to wait a year to get your working permit. (Just Google it for more information).

However if you are located in U.S. and you willing to relocate, this is a really good opportunity for you to come and work in sunny MIAMI, here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Make sure to check out the DBOX website before you apply –
  2. Make sure you good enough and can produce the same quality by using 3DsMax, VRay and Photoshop (Fusion is a plus)
  3. Follow this link, read the job description and fill up the application:


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