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Exterior Workshop Extension – December 12

Get your EXTERIORS to Rise & Shine and Spot you as a PRO!

Alright we’ve extended the our VRay Exterior Workshop – to give you guys a chance to produce some hyper-realistic images – following my step-by-step techniques & LIVE WEBINARS.
We still have 2 Webinars to go and these are 2 final weeks before we go into the holiday season with some nice portfolio.

Thanks a lot to everyone that joined this workshop – tons of good training materials being produced during these days and there’s more to come.

Here’s the whole explanation video about the progress and what to expect by the end of this workshop.

So if you ever wanted to be a part of our group – that’s your last call for this year.
– Just follow this link to Join Our Class Now:

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Thanks a bunch,
Don’t forget the prices, we’ve got some nice awards for the winners! VRay Licence, ArchViz DVD from Evermotion, VIZ-People Library, HDRI Maps and much more!

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