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Forest Pack Grass & Gravel

Forest Pack Grass & Gravel

In this tutorial we are going to discover – How easy it is to create realistic looking grass with forest pack.

Forest Pack presets are good for the large areas, and in case you have something with smaller gap – you can always use your own grass model.

Just create small patches with grass and use Forest Pack to scatter with Edge option. That will distribute grass in a smart way and push the geometry around the object edges.

If you would like to try that Forest Pack plugin? 

There is a FREE version – Forest Pack Light

There is also a paid commercial version which comes with cool free library for you to use.
This smart V-Ray workflow works perfectly with Forest Pack!
So give it a try to see if it works for you?
I’ve been a big fan of Forest Pack and Rail Clone. I do find it very useful for every day job.
In the next tutorial I’m going to show you ANIMATION features that are present in Forest Pack Tress.
Wind animation and movement of branches, is something that makes your renders stand out!
So make sure to open your emails and follow this update.

Forest Pack Grass

If you interested in purchasing Forest Pack Grass visit this page here
Thanks a lot for watching
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