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Fountain Limit | Particle Tuner | Phoenix FD for 3DsMax

Particle Tuner

Here’s how we can limit our water fountain before it’s reaching the end of the line. With Particle Tuner control over particles life becomes much easier.

We can use basic geometry shapes as collision objects to set borders and limit life span.

Phoenix FD is an amazing tool for ArchVIZ. This plugin makes your work unique and helps to stand out.

I use it every chance I get. And It’s always great when you get a client that especially wants that in his project. Water simulation always being fascinating and not so easy to do.

That’s why only few know how to work with it.

Good Demo Reel always gets you cool jobs – jobs that you actually want to do!

One of the best ways to learn software quickly is to do a practice class. Getting your hands dirty is the way to go!

Our VFX for ArchVIZ class got over 5 hours of video content, from fire and water simulation to sailing and ocean storm.

Anyone can do it, any time, anywhere! That’s the beauty of a step-by-step video class.

Learn more about water simulation on Udemy:

Check out our Software Store to get Phoenix FD – with VFX for ArchVIZ as a bonus

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