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Learn VRAY FOG & SMOG – FREE Kitbash3D – CyberPunk City

Learn VRay FOG & SMOG

In this tutorial, you are going to learn VRay Fog and Smog Setup by using AerialPerspective and EnvironmentFog.

This easy setup will bring depth to your extreme longshots – you are more than welcome to experiment with color to match better fog, mist, and smog into one hazy atmosphere.

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In order to achieve the most satisfying results, we are going to use 1 AerialPerspective and 2 EnvironmentFog effects.

Those effects are built-in so if you want to control them manually you can separate them in your render elements (VRay Passes)

By extracting VRayAtmosphere (render element) you get full control over that effect in your scene.

Learn to work with VRay like a PRO! Download this Sci-Fi CyberPunk Scene here (and max 2016 here)

Follow those easy steps:

  1. Add Blush Far Fog with Aerial Perspective
  2. Add Overall Mist
  3. Add low Smog (Colorize it if needed).

All these effects were adjusted to match CyberPunk Morning “Fog & Smog” look, however, they are fully adjustable.

You can also tweak Sun and Camera parameters to get a more unique look.



More of this stuff can be found in our VRAY NEXT GUIDE – All Functions & Features in 1 Class – Over 10 Hours of training!

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