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Marvelous Designer | Making Cloth Carpet & Pillows | Beginners Tutorial

That's what you need to make 3D like a PRO!

Learn to Make Realistic Cloth Objects with Marvelous Designer!

I know we just scratched the surface of what you can do with this program. Marvelous Designer became my favorite platform for creating realistic cloth models, such as: bed cover, pillows, carpet, curtains, towels, table maps, napkins…etc.

I can keep going since the list of things that you can do with marvelous Marvelous Designer is never ending!

  1. You get organic and natural looking meshes
  2. Cloth always looks elegant and high class in renders
  3. Adds amazing realism – the details in that cloth simulation is incredible!

Just look at Ramon Zancanaro’s work – the scene is not overly populated with objects, but it looks very full and rich in detail – thanks to Marvelous Designer, since most of the scene is covered with realistic looking “Cloth Carpet“.

Anyways, here is the video describing the whole process:

Marvelous works in the same way that a tailor would. Cut out pieces of cloth, run lines on them and sew them together. Then, it’s only a matter of letting Marvelous simulate the cloth with real physics. One of the most amazing things about it is that you can interactively push and pull on the cloth and it’ll keep simulating.

Marvelous has a pretty straight forward interface. The viewport is divided into two sections – 3d and 2d view. Both sections have their own set of controls on the top. You can create different shapes of the cloth in the 2d view. Within the 3d view you can orbit around and interact with the cloth. You can easily import meshes into the scene to interact with the cloth simulation as well. This is a great way of simulating pillows and bedsheets over a static bed.

For resetting the simulation you can press Ctrl+F. Left click in 3d view allows you to move the cloth, while right click controls orbiting. The simulation button is the first one on the toolbar. For changing all the properties of the cloth material you can access the Property Editor tab on the far right of the screen. Go ahead and play around with settings such as Elasticity, Thickness, Shrinkage, Pressure etc.

Another cool feature of Marvelous is that you can select from a range of cloth material presets by name. Therefore, the simulation will run just as if the cloth was cotton, leather or wool. You can of course tweak the material settings that make up these presets for finer control.

You can make shapes and put sew lines over them, after which you can select the ‘sewing machine’ button and sew any of the sides together. Sewing all the sides of 2 rectangles with each other will allow you to make a pillow. Just add some Pressure value to its simulation for stuffing air into it. I think while using Marvelous, with such simple self-explanatory settings, you’re only limited by your imagination. This is definitely a software that every 3d professional should learn and use.

And in case you want to add more resolution to your cloth, you can add a turbosmooth modifier over it.

Amazing stuff, Right?!

I’m still blown away from how fun it is to play around with those things 🙂

And there’s still a lot of stuff to cover, like UVs, texturing, mapping, importing, exporting and animating hanging objects, such as curtains, etc.
I’m surly going to dedicate more time and create some cool tutorials covering more of these subjects, by adding some more cloth to my NUBA scene 🙂

Go to the Marvelous Designer website and download their 30 days free trail version.

Play with it and just have fun, or repeat my steps and see if you get the same results. Your images can look so much real if you use those organic elements with attention to detail.


“One of the main reasons that 3D images do not look realistic – is a lack of high quality organic details.”

Don’t forget to share it with your friends

Talk soon,

I’m serious, share it, hook them up! 😀

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