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Megascans Trees | FREE Early Access

Megascans Trees

Amazing animated trees package – completely free with UE5 – Megascans Trees:

This scene that you see was made in less than an hour with all the terrain and vegetation. Then rendered at 4K with RTX 3080.

Even though this Megascans Trees package is 2 years old – it is only available for UE 4.27 – So I converted that to UE5 to see how it all works with #Lumen in Real-Time.

There are quite few cool options for designing your trees. Aside the wind behavior you can change color of the trees, by using seasons parameters.

Health – is one of the unique types for making live vs. dead leaves. As you know in the the fall to winter time, trees tend to change their color and then fall or die while still being attached to a tree.

Winter – this option located in the leaves material can completely remove all leaves from the tree. And have naked tree winter look.

There are few more option for getting more defined tree texture if you do macro close-ups shots. Overall this is the highest quality of animated trees I’ve seen so far for UE5.

And it’s completely free – so give it a try and see how easy it is to use.

4K Render 300 frames in 44 min with RTX3080

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