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METAHUMAN to UE4 – Design and Animation Retargeting

MetaHuman to UE4

Learn to export METAHUMAN to UE4 – Design and Animation Retargeting – Easy Workflow:

Right now this program is still in BETA – so you all welcome to join in for FREE!

In case you want to follow this tutorial. Download free Animation Pack Here:

Get it for FREE before it expires (Unreal Engine Marketplace free for this month)

Metahumans can be also exported to all other 3D platforms, such as 3DsMax, Maya, etc..

I think it’s going to become very valuable since you can’t beat that quality and speed of Character Creation with METAHUMANS!

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In the next video, I’m going to show you how to fix those animation assets to match any body type. I know in some cases arms can go “through” the body. So we have to fix the joint rotation in the skeleton and create new keyframes for that change.

Unreal Engine is only going to become faster and easier to work with. The whole beauty of this that it’s Hyper-Realistic with Ray Tracing technology. And you can’t beat that quality of Photo Scanned objects.

Megascans have a completely FREE library for UE4 users to use. And soon enough there will be a modeling tool! You’ll be able to create your model from CAD drawings in UE4.

So now is the best time to get familiar with this software. It’s FREE, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

If you want to learn UE4 we have Interior Class Here: VR Tour with UE4 3DsMax and VRay




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