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Few days ago I’ve posted some AI images that got some attention. So I’ve decided to make a short video about how I’ve made those AI Images in midjourney.

Just in few minutes I was able to generate amazing looking design concepts. You can get really hyper realistic if you know how to develop that.

In the near future you’ll be able to upload architectural plans and get realistic renders with amazing details – just if few clicks!

Remember it’s just a tool, it needs artistic eye and direction. But it learns, and it learn fast. That means you need to keep learning new tools, like this one.

Otherwise AI will outpace all of those that got too comfortable doping the same thing for the last 15 years.

My teacher told me that every 20 years we get completely new technology, and those that ride it’s first wave – get to enjoy the peers!

As easy as it looks, producing hyper realistic stuff can get more complicated. So why don’t you give it a try?

To access this amazing Artificial Intelligence Design Tool click here – midjourney

And go have some fun! Life is too short to spend it all on AI.

Happy Labor Day! American Dream Downloads here

and for those that wanted to checkout the Futuristic Concepts – Downloads are here

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