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NEW SPONSORS | RenderPeople Review | 3D People Insights

RenderPeople - 3D People as good as Photo!

Real Scanned 3D People for High Quality 3D Visuals

If you spending too much TIME by using Photoshop People – Look no further – HERE’s the Ultimate Solution – RenderPeople

Check out the Benefits list:

  • Easy to Place – 3D Space “REAL TIME” Experience
  • Easy to Adjust – Change color of the skin, hair, cloth, shoes
  • Real Interaction with Environment – AO shadows, reflections
  • Ads “Life Style” – Look & Feel to the image.

Real People are awesome – 3D People even more!…LOL

Check out the full breakdown of our sponsored 5 RENDER PEOPLE

3D People can also be used with combination of motion blur effects and “static” moving objects animation to get – “Fast Forward” effect.

Till that very moment I used 3D people only at the backgrounds OR for placement holders, since the quality of maps and geometry wasn’t good. But with RenderPeople 100K models I can get much sharper, cleaner and way more photorealistic result.

You can click the image to see the full res.


Of course the models that you are about to download do not have that type of resolution – therefore you might not get the sharpness – unless you get the 100K files. Wich we are about to test in our upcoming workshop.
Thanks a lot for watching this – If you have any questions or comments – POST THEM BELLOW!


Talk Soon,

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