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Phoenix FD Coffee Preset | 3Ds Max VRay 5

Phoenix FD Coffee Preset

Easy to use Phoenix FD Coffee Preset to get realistic coffee shot.

If you were wondering why your bubble look too big or too small? Well try to re adjust the scene scale. In many cases this number can be different from what you are trying to achieve.

Have a reference picture aside your renders, to compare the actual size. This is a very visual tweak, it’s really matter how big the resolution of your render. Since bigger size image will have much clearer detail. That you might want to readjust before rendering the final image.

You can use render follow to mouse option – to go faster through areas and compare them to real photo.

When you are ready just hit the rendering button and execute render.

I know that foam might take some time to render, so be patient. My render was done in 19 min with quadcore i9 processors.

You can also use GPU render in many cases it can be faster than CPU.

To download this 3Ds Max VRay 5 Preset (3D Model) – click here

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Thanks a lot for checking this out!

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