Interior Design Challenge



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4 Weeks of PRO “Step-By-Step” VRay Training

You’re About to Learn PRO VRay Rendering Techniques

“Design Your Space” that Sells…
…AND Make Amazing Portfolio !

During the next 3 weeks YOU are going to attend “Interior Design Challenge” for company named CUBICCO.

And I’m going to lead you to your best result by giving you Feedback in our Forum and video instructions. Our SYSTEM designed to take you step-by-step through entire training. By the END of class  CUBICCO and me (Alex) are going to select Winners that are going to get “iPad Mini” with ALL OUR “VRay Training” APPS!

But if your work will not be selected, you still going to keep all the Knowledge, Video Tutorials, VRay Models AND COOL 3D Renders in your Portfolio.


How Does it Work?

Week 1 – You’re going to explore DESIGN of small spaces – I’m going to go to the TOP Designer SHOPS and Make a Video Review about HIGH-END DESIGN. Plus I’m gonna send you references for DOWNLOAD so you could apply it to your selected space.

Week 2 – You’re about to enter the real world of Advanced 3D Lighting – I’m gonna teach your how to DESIGN with Light & Textures. By the end of this week you’re set Perfectly Balanced “High Resolution Renders” – to render during the weekend.

Week 3 – You’re about to learn “How to Breathe Life” in to your image and make it look like a real PHOTO! The most advanced techniques for doing post work that I picked up during last year and about to teach them for the FIRST Time!


* Even though the LIVE workshop has ended – The Challenge Continues (all year around). You can still get a Feedback from me in the Forum AND make Photorealistic scene by using my Guidelines & RECORDED WEBINARS and if it will be good enough you will be featured in CUBICCO Website and get a chance to win an iPad Mini/iPodNano/Nikon Pocket Cam.

How good Can YOU Get?

If you follow my guidelines You can Get to the Results your about to See or EVEN BETTER!

mattanderson“Thank you so much Alex! I knew my image looked good, thought maybe a top five at least but really appreciate all your kind words and the final winning vote. (had a good teacher) I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to put together this challenge and letting us take a peak behind the curtains on how professional artists work. Look forward to your future course offerings.”

Matt Anderson
Tempe, AZ  

#1 Place – Spring 2015 Interior Challenge Winner


fadi“It was a great course from a great vray guide…
Thanks Alex.”


Fadi Soudi 
Escondido, CA

 #2 Place – Spring 2015



“Really Enjoyed the webinar it was really helpful. thanks for your suggestions,Tips and tricks..
hoping for some exterior course soon..”
Prabhudas Bhagwat
Pune, India

#3 Place – Spring 2015
What can I Expect from this training?

You might experience improvements in “Quality of Work” after using training materials and putting learned knowledge into practice. This is a very practical training with step-by-step assignments – that will lead you for better understanding of natural life.

  • You will learn step-by-step method to physically correct 3D Image.
  • You will improve your “Artistic Eye” to get perfectly balanced exposure.
  • You will know what area in the image doesn’t look good and how to fix it.
  • You will get the Complete VRay Pipeline, that so many companies trying to figure out.
  • You will increase your Level of Performance AND have at least 3 Amazing NEW images in your Portfolio.
  • If you win the Challenge – your work will be featured in CUBICCO website PLUS we will ship a brand NEW iPad Mini with all our APPS directly to your home address.

*We are going to supply you with high quality models to make your learning process faster!

 Training Materials – Unlimited downloads!

Pre-Modeled CUBICCO Workshop Spaces for free selection – We give you the place – You design it!

cubicco interior spaces


30 VizPeople Filling objects


30 IES Lights


* Chance to win an iPad mini with ALL our Apps.



Need Guarantee?

After doing this Training “Your Renders” will never look the same it will look like Professional Studio Production!

Many users have passed our trainings and those that invested the most NOW leading the Arch. Viz. Industry and amaze people around the world with their 3D Works.

Jacopo-Bigi_3D-147x147“From my personal experience i can say that this is the best tutorial for Post Work in PS. The live webinars, the great responsibility of Alex for every question, his professionally make really unique this tutorial. I also learned a lot from the other students works. I have still to improve a lot, but my renderings start to become photorealistic, thanks to Alex! I’ll wait the tutorial for exterior scene, hoping it will be soon! I stay tuned from Italy!”
– Jacopo Bigi
(Italian Competition – Award Wining Work)


3dclaudia_1359116720_140“My pictures look much better now and if i look at my old projects i recognize a lot of mistakes i did not see before… during this time i began to recognize more conscious many things in our real world, like horizon line and wow it behaves if you move height, color and look of natural and artificial lights.
I think i learned even more about these things than 3D/Vray specific things, but I’m happy with!
I learned a lot of useful things about Vray.I am now able to get better contrast to my pictures, and less problems with overburned areas..
I really enjoyed this training and I would love to participate another time with Vray or Photoshop Training.”


vita1“Thank you very much for the wonderful course! For all the personal help, and the individual approach. Fast feedbacks to all questions and accurate directing for image improvement. The preparations that were made to crete this training is unbelievable, huge amount of training materials, practical and theoretical as one. I was able to improve significantly my modeling skills and final render quality. Thanks again for all the help that I’ve got from you in such short time, and especially the answers to my questions that I couldn’t get anywhere.
I’m biggest fan of 3Ds Max and VRay, and my learning process doesn’t stops here, looking forward to get new interesting materials to come out.
Kind Regards”
– Vita Gorelik


What Must I have?


This training is going to be very informative and concentrated with NEW High-End Knowledge – therefore we’re going to use 3Ds Max, VRay, Photoshop & After Effects CS6 with MagicBullet. If you have older versions of programs you can still attend but some rendering settings might not go as fast as VRay . You will need only few hours a day to complete the assignments AND/OR catch-up during the weekend. I’m gonna show all my process with step-by-step videos, so you will not get lost.

How to Get In?


This training is LIMITED to 100 Users – First Comes – First Served. So Hurry Up to book your seat and Jump ahead with PRO VRay Knowledge. Press the button “Add to Cart” and proceed through secured checkout. If you feel that this training is going to boost your knowledge – Don’t wait too long – Get In TODAY!
Interior Design Challenge

This training brings you the most FRESH VRAY METHODS that’s been out THIS YEAR!

Time is a Factor – Don’t wait too long to boost your skills – Join Us Now!

See you inside

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