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Join me on a really amazing day at Sunny Isles Beach as I look over one of the most stunning sky backdrops. Finally we had some nice weather here from over the Atlantic. Pretty neat for our field trip and for taking phenomenal pictures of a near dusk skyline.

You can see that I’ve taken a few references of buildings as well. This will help in matching the lighting in the scene to that of the backdrops. It is absolutely important to get the direction of the sun to match. Be careful cause the light and shadows on the clouds are a definite giveaway for the sun direction.

The building reference will also help you in getting the light color and intensity to match the real backdrops. I’ve also gone ahead and processed the images to fit into my render. You can either apply them in the 3d scene as a plane background, or composite later using alpha channel. With the post processing method in Photoshop, you can try all the different backdrops as well.

You can easily color correct and composite them in Photoshop. Since they’re in RAW format, you can tweak the exposure without losing any detail.

It was my pleasure taking you guys along with me. It’s much easier to shoot and film as a vlog rather than just making a blog post about this subject. Hope you’ve enjoyed this VLOG #2.

I should have taken more of the houses, that way my horizon line would be much higher, but still these skies are great from my view. You’re free to use them in your daily work. Also these pics are of 5k resolution and CR2 Raw format for ultimate fidelity. Needless to say these are High End Production Stills perfect for print.

Thanks a bunch 🙂


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