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TWINMOTION for Architecture | NEW CLASS

TWINMOTION for Architecture

Hey, TWINMOTION for Architecture is here!

I’ve put over 5 hours of content for producing CINEMATIC output with Twinmotion. Here’s how you can Produce a great-looking stylized 3D scene, which can be viewed in VR!

This training will take you through the entire process of creating Realistic looking ArchVIZ with cool Cinematic Shots in Twinmotion.

Exporting and Importing 3D model and custom setup of MEGA SCANS textures to get high-quality output.

Cinematic camera lenses, depth of field, and special effects to tell the storyline.

Rendering and assembly with premiere pro

“I’m giving my 15 years of knowledge I’ve gathered doing ArchViz professionally. And I can tell you this software rocks! If you want to save time. And not worry about rendering settings.”

Just keep in mind – Some projects don’t require high-end detail (in the pre-construction stage), you can set this up in ONE DAY!

Video footage that came out outstanding, is just a bonus. Like the rest of the free library of MEGA SCANS and the option to importing high-end Evermotion models.

You can build your own library of high-quality models.

VR is the icing on the cake

I use HTC Vive and it is just amazing to walk inside this place virtually.

You can watch those videos here – really great fun creating this Tropical House.

I’ll be posting more videos with Updates that Twinmotion is going to have, and other useful tips and tricks for making construction phases and working smarter with ArchVIZ projects.

Join in here:

  • You can also download project files and see exactly how I did the sequences and editing.

– Have any questions? Just shoot me a message.

Thanks a lot for following and reading this

Join this training and learn this NEW Cool Tool! It’s FREE Software

  • and Free Mega Scans Library 😀

Twinmotion is only going to get better – Now is the time to jump ahead of time and learn it – like a PRO!


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