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Today we are going to get some references for the new workshop that I’m building with TWINMOTION. I’ve made some tests and the workflow is so much easier and faster than any 3D software.

But first, before we open 3D software, we need to get some “realistic lighting” references – so just sit back, relax and absorb those visuals.

One of the keys to making great realistic environments is to have amazing references that will guide you along the way. Think about it as a road map, if you want to go somewhere, you need a road map, otherwise, you’ll get lost and probably will not reach your desired destination.

So first, set up a “destination”! Analyze references, look at the small details, shadows from plants and trees, landscaping vegetation colors and combinations.

Do notes! When you write stuff down you tend to remember it butter. Try to “take a picture” with your brain – just look at the image deeply involving your long term memory.

The more you have “pictures” like that in your “brains library” the better understanding you get when setting up lighting. You basically know exactly what you want to achieve when moving your sun and getting it to the right position.

Always think “depth” and that being created by contrast. So look for that contrast in the references, see how the line of light and dark intersects and defines architecture.

That’s what makes your render look amazing! So avoid flat looking lighting by getting the “perfect architectural angle” in your visuals.

You can download References here

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