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UE VR TEMPLATE | Oculus Quest 2


Easy start with UE VR Template and Oculus Quest 2 – direct link connection.

First download and install Oculus link and Oculus HUB

Oculus Link

Oculus HUB

Then follow these instruction to connect and play VR :

Once you set this up it will lay ground foundation for your VR development. Now you can bring in your 3D models, bake lighting, and walk in VR.

Direct link makes it easier to access VR world. However if you wish to deploy your projects directly into your Oculus?

Then you’ll have to go through entire process of installation for Android, SDK, NDK, Java and configuration in Unreal Engine 4.

We do have that step-by-step procedure documented in our VR Interior with Unreal Engine Workshop.

And it is individual for every Unreal Engine Version, so make sure to install the right versions of plugins and Visual Studio.

Otherwise you can enjoy think direct link connection, and have fun with VR Preview inside Unreal Engine!

I’m going to post some examples of our LOFT scene and baked lighting in the next video tutorials.

So stay tuned and make to follow

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February 4, 2022
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