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UE4 INTERIOR LIGHTING – Part 5 – HDRI Matching Tool

HDRI Matching Tool

The final piece of the puzzle – HDRI Matching Tool that can help you align Sky to the Env. background in UE4.

This tool can work also in real-time. Check out the workflow here:

In case you still want to use our previous method, you can save a new level, use this Matching Tool to measure, and then go back to your original LEVEL and apply those rotation parameters.

Again it’s a tool, and I don’t know how it can affect VR or other walkthroughs? It’s very good for production baking, and gives you accurate results!

So either way, you can use it to measure or you can use it in your scene, it’s totally up to what you are building.

Just make sure to have a copy of your original level, in case you need to go back.

I hope you guys enjoyed these FREE Videos Series, we are continuing to full production of this interior LOFT.

  • We are going to add Quixel Materials and Objects
  • Program walking camera, add sounds, and do blueprints for changing materials, opening doors, playing music/TV on/off buttons.
  • We are also going to examine VR bakes for HTC Vive.
  • And do high-quality production bake for producing a cinematic

So if all that sounds like something you want to do, join us for UE4 Interior Training Update.

You can find this training in our classes section UE4 Interiors Class or on Udemy

Thanks a lot for checking it out

HDRI Matching Tool

How to use video

Talk soon,


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