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UE4 LOFT 2020 | Update 2.0

UE4 LOFT 2020

Finally, our UE4 LOFT 2020 getting an update. I’ve remodeled the entire scene to have clean output and export will have no error or overlapping maps.

You can download this LOFT 2020 in our training section – OR we have this training with a discount on Udemy – you can find it here:


If you are already in one of our classes, just go to the training materials section and get this updated scene.

We are about to do more cool tutorials since Unreal Engine 4 added many cool features that will make your space look amazing in REAL Time!

UNREAL ENGINE 4 is getting constantly new updates, getting amazing FREE photorealistic materials, models from MEGA SCANS.

So there are many new features added and we are going to discover them in the upcoming weeks.

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Download the scene and give it a try!

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