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UE5 VR OCULUS | Easy Start VR Template


In this video tutorial we are going to explore UE5 VR OCULUS template. This is the latest version, so make sure to hit update button on all your Oculus apps.

The graphics are absolutely amazing in new UE5! This this is the official version of UE5, the early access is over.

We all long waited to see lumen performance, and as you can see the lighting in VR looking spectacular. This lighting looked good and we even didn’t tried cinematic version of the settings, which supposed to have the most astonishing soft shadows and noise free areas.

So that’s what we’re going to do next, load our LOFT scene into this VR space.

I’m currently working on updating the LOFT scene with new models and arched windows.

So a lot of cool development is coming your way, make sure to have official UE5 – it’s FREE.

The best part is that all high end realistic scanned 3D models – Are also completely FREE inside UE5.

We are exploring more of those objects in our VR Tour in Unreal Engine class.

If you want to learn more about UE5 VR OCULUS subscribe to our free video tutorials

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