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V-Ray for Unreal Engine is Here!

AWESOME NEWS: V-Ray for Unreal Engine – First Demo

V-Ray for Unreal Engine is here..say whaaa? YES!

I was so excited when I saw this was finally happening, because in my honest opinion, this is the future of ArchViz.
Maybe UNREAL ENGINE 4 has still got this crisp “game” look to it, because of the way it renders through texture baking, but with V-Ray now integrated within it…mmm
Only Sky Becomes the Limit! 

Check out Vlado’s demo of this brand new REAL-TIME progressively rendering version of V-Ray in action above.

For those that were struggling with realistic shaders (VRay materials), you can take advantage of pre-made library of VRayScans. Vlado mentions how a LUT blueprint is used for importing the scanned materials. These features are going to be very easy to use, just drag & drop!

Since the Unreal Editor is by far one of the most advanced engines out there, the viewport is a charm to work with. Game engines need to be smooth and so the entire workflow of working inside Unreal is amazing. It handles complex geometry so much better than 3ds Max. And to think you can create both realtime visualizations and photoreal renders in the same environment is truly Epic.

The Possibilities

  • Architects will probably use MegaScans for making a detailed terrain within minutes.
  • Interior designers can use integrated models library to brings designs together in no time.
  • All you’ll need is a single environment to set up the entire scene in.

And the best part is that it’s all LIVE, you just click the button and you render right away, no waiting. Animation fly-through – same thing, in minutes the video sequence is out!

Thanks a lot Vlado for making this happen!
Thumbs up to ChaosGroup for this ‘Epic’ breakthrough ūüôā

Link to CGRecord’s article:¬†V-Ray for Unreal Engine

Check out the extended original video from FXguide: VRay in UE4 at the Epic Games User Group – SIGGRAPH 2017
This video is uploaded after written copyright permission or part of Creative Commons license¬†…¬†for more details or dispute Contact us

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