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Create Interactive VR Scenes with UNREAL ENGINE 4

An Unreal Engine VR Student Case Study

Explore the limitless creative options of a truly real-time virtual reality world using the highly-acclaimed game engine UNREAL ENGINE 4. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the gaming industry, let me point out that a game engine like UE4 is the core piece of software that game developers use each and every day to make AAA games. Epic Games, the creators of UE4, is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the game industry.
And just a few years ago, they introduced the latest version of their flagship product to the world for FREE. Go ahead and download it. It’s absolutely free for commercial use in the architectural visualization space.
Within a short span of time, UE4 has become the number one choice in the industry for creating real-time VR ArchViz scenes with staggering photorealism out-of-the-box. Don’t believe me? Then let me show you a case study utilizing one of our student’s 3ds Max scene, which was created using our library of assets as part of our coursework.
I took the scene out of 3ds Max, imported all the assets with standard materials into Unreal, and started matching everything to the reference scene. Working inside UE4 is a lot of FUN! Primarily because you don’t have to wait for anything to render, everything happens in real-time, and is pretty close to the final result from the get-go.
The editor is highly intuitive and gives you a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ approach to creating a VR world. Unfortunately, there isn’t any plugin that can automatically transfer your V-Ray material based scene into UNREAL ENGINE 4. You’ll first need to convert your materials to standard and then export them as FBX files.
However with a little bit of patience – I can show how how it’s properly done! I’m getting a lot of requests for creating an INTERIOR and EXTERIOR + “Birds Eye” (Aerial) View Tutorial Series. Check out my complete UE4 workshop HERE.
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