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VRay 3.60 vs. VRay 4.02 – Triple SPEED

Old VRay vs. VRay NEXT

Check this back to back render comparison of old VRay 3.60 and new VRay 4.02 with Adaptive DomeLight – that can speedup your renders up to x7 times!

Whoa! from 3.28 hours down to 1.20 hour of render – that’s 3.5 times FASTER!

And it got bunch of other new cool features, like the:

  1. auto exposure and auto white balance.
  2. GPU realtime fast randering with IPR option for crazy fast results.
  3. NVIDIA AI denoiser

and much more…

If you would like to discover VRay NEXT in more depth?

Check this webinar of ChaosGroup specialist and discover new features of VRay NEXT


Atanas Tudzharov
CG Specialist Chaos Group

Atanas Tudzharov is a 3D Specialist with 10 years of experience in the field. Before joining Chaos Group in 2016 he worked in a post-production studio creating VFX content for commercials, music videos, and movies. As part of our 3D production team, Atanas is responsible for creating stunning imagery in our videos.

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