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VRAY 5 LightMixer | VFB Post Production | Film tonemap

VRAY 5 LightMixer

In this video tutorial, we are going to uncover VRay 5 new VBF functions and features. The Highlight of the newest addition is the VRay 5 LightMixer – a very powerful tool for working with lighting. Basically you can change any light color, intensity, and overall influence and appearance in the scene, WITHOUT RE-RENDERING!

Get Full Control Over Lights!

I think this is a super exciting feature, plus on top of that, we have Lens Effects for making lens flare a glow.

The composite function allows us to add any rendered element and perform color correction, you can add any layer of color balance, hue/saturation, Brightness/contrast…etc.

Basically you have now photoshop filters and layer modes in VBF. Doing such work without leaving the software can safe tons of time. I know how it can be frustrating going back and forth between renders and adding patches of layers in photoshop.

But that’s not all, Film tonemap is the “cherry” on this cake – it is really amazing how much contrast you were loosing. Add this filter to feel the difference!

Those are really great upgrades for VRay 5. If you wish to follow along with this tutorial – DOWNLOAD SCENE HERE

We have more things to cover but we’ll leave it for next time. Subscribe to my channel if you think those tips can make your life easier.

I’m very excited because there are more features to come – In a meanwhile…

Happy testing LightMixer, post your results #vrayschool

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