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VRay 6 Coat | Material Presets

VRay 6 Coat

In this tutorial we are going to check VRay 6 Coat feature that can speedup your renders:

This is basically like adding another layer of reflection to your material, only this time it’s been done in material rollout.

Obviously if you want to mix textures and materials you’ll ne more than 1 coat.

But for this quick tweak of tinted glass, we can have both glossy and sharp reflections in one go.

VRay exterior glass can be enhanced with this parameters as well. Just make sure to use bump and some noise in your glass.

If you take closer look at the building glass you will find that reflections are not straight. This is due to pressure that’s been put on the glass after frame installation. Each glass will have different bent, and will break reflections in various waves and shifts.

This feature is a great alternative to VRayBlendMtl and doesn’t take as much time to render.

Make sure to test verity of presets from a dropdown menu. I think this is a very cool addition to material setup workflow.

Now we have, glass, water, exterior glass, plastic, all types of metals and much more!

In case you want to follow this tutorial and download Koenigsegg CCX 3DsMax Model the link is here.

HDRI from Poly Heaven Abandon Bakery 

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