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Every 3D artist should know how to use the new VRay 6 HDRI / Dome Light Functions and Features! Not only it is one of my favorite rendering engines to use, but Chaos have recently added a New VRay 6 HDRI Rendering Functions. I believe these are new functions that make it valuable than ever!

Is It Easy to Use the New VRay 6 Rendering Engine?

As easy as it looks in this video! But you must have the appropriate machine and software to handle rendering speed. I am using an Alienware X17 R1 with RTX 3080 and 64GB RAM in this tutorial.

Even though it is a laptop, it performs like a champ with heavy scenes. My computer can handle 5-7GB scenes at any given time. Yours should be somewhat similar to enjoy the benefits of this real-time rendering.

The New VRay 6 HDRI Rendering Functions

In New VRay 6 we’ve got some amazing new functions and features, perfect solutions for 3D artists! First, PolyHaven has a lot of HDRIs to offer, and you can use them completely for free.

In addition, you use Chaos Cosmos to drag and drop 3D models of cars, people, vegetation directly into your scene!

All free and accessible with any VRay 6 License.

You also have probably noticed that the renders look slightly different in this new rendering engine. This is due to amount of depth and detail added thanks to the new algorithm for preserving metal reflections.

More on that later!

Using the dome light, you can add any background and create unique scene in just few clicks. For example, in the video above, you’ll see that I am inserting a car into my 3D space. Then, I begin working on the lighting to match the rest of the scene. VRay 6 makes it incredibly easy to adjust the parameters.

It is also super easy to swap other High Dynamic Range Images with a New Dome Light.

New VRay 6 HDRI is Easy to Work With

To help with scaling, you can use the new dome light features to move around, rotate, and scale your 3D background. You can adjust as needed, just like I did in the video, to get the proper scaling compared to the Environment.

You can also tackle issues with scaling by using Proj Height parameter to change the height of the image added. This will reduce instances of stretching the background image.

The ground blend parameter is also great for fixing distortion in images. All you have to do is adjust the number to soften the edges to make the HDRI more natural.

Last but not least, finally we’ve got alpha function for the ground plane. These are designed to help alpha matte the surface and add soft shadows to your 3D models. These are just a few new features when you try VRay 6 HDRI! Take VRay 6 for a Spin It is hard to go back to VRay 5 after giving this new rendering engine a try.

For me, I definitely cannot go back to the way I was rendering before! However, you can download the VRay 6 to give it a test ride for free!

Or Try our the entire VRAY COLLECTION / EDU is available with discounted price.


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