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VRay 6 Proportion Guide

Proportion Guide

VRay 6 got a lot of cool functions and features to offer this is one of them – Proportion guide:


With he help of this Proportion Guide you’ll be able to achieve better camera composition. It helps you better to see better the relation of objects and alignment of camera.

For every aspect ratio there – The one I use in video is 16:9 – HDTV – 1920×108. Will have different lines than aspect ratio of 3:4 – 800×600 (the one I actually show in video).

So always remember to double check your compositions. It’s not mandatory to use, if you really think that your frame works better even though it’s not following the lines, then it’s completely fine!

You have to be in good terms with your shot and use your own judgment, that’s what builds experience.

And the more experienced you become, the better shots you can produce.

Knowing the term of rule of thirds and golden aspect ratio is a must though

if you’re not familiar with these, check these links:

Rule of Thirds – NFI Edu 

Golden Ratio – Inside Design

Those are essential for those that want to know the math behind beautiful art. Which we do meet in nature everyday, it’s actually all around us. If you start paying close attention you will see those rules and ratios in everything.

Enjoy exploring, and give this Proportion Guide a try!

Share it if you think it’s cool.

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– Learn more here:

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