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VRay 6 Thin Film Parameters

Thin Film Parameters

In this video we are going to explore Thin Film Parameters – IOR Colorization:

This is super cool function if you know how to use it. VRay 6 glass can get so much color variation by using Thin Film Parameters.

You can get creative with breaking reflections with Noise map and Fractal option.

Changing size of the Noise map can really stretch those reflections if your using large glass surfaces.

Be creative with your creations and don’t forget to take references of glass buildings.

That’s only of my favorite obsessions – taking pictures of glass buildings.

It’s helps a lot in feeling the glass materials – especially on glass buildings, each glass got individual bent.

In some cases I add a bit Bump with Noise map.

BTW – Noise map can be instanced to get the same braking in reflections for Thin Film and Bump.

Happy testing – Enjoy this cool new feature of VRay 6.

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