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VRay Basic lighting

12 Video Tutorials That Will Teach You

How to set up Interior Lighting by using 3Ds Max & VRay!

We will explore different lighting situation and learn about VRaySun and VRaySky Physically correct setup.
In addition we’ll get our hands on correct VRay Camera Exposure Settings and learn the Photographers technique for setting up the “White Balance“.

After mastering the basics we’ll dive into “VRay Rendering Settings” and you will discover the most efficient production rendering parameters that will help you to produce Hyper-Realistic Renders.

Along with rendering process you’ll learn to optimize your scene materials and use the most exclusive method for “Baking Textures” after painting them in Photoshop – that will give your scene the most unique look like nobody has.

As an extra bonus tutorial, we’ll demonstrate in-front of you “Floor Generator” FREE 3Ds Max Plugin for creating realistic floor within seconds.

THE FINAL BONUS to this self-training will be the discovery of our unique method for combining 15 “VRay Passes”(Render Elements) by using Photoshop with Plugins!
– Our Exclusive Post-Production techniques will bring your image closer than ever to the REAL looking Photograph!

Video Training – APP Content

  1. VRay SkyPortals – 04:30
  2. VRaySky Lighting – 10:24
  3. VRayPhysCam – 12:44
  4. VRay White Balance – 14:00
  5. VRay Rendering Settings – 24:03
  6. VRay Materials – 10:13
  7. VRay Custom Texture (Photoshop Brushes) – 17:31
  8. VRay Shader – 12:50
  9. VRay Passes Combination – 50:51
  10. 3Ds Max Floor Generator – FREE Plugin – 13:08
  11. Post Work with Looks Builder – 41:18
  12. VRayHDRI Basics – 03:09

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