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VRay Webinars Pack


Over 25 hours of lectures that will teach you how to work with 3Ds Max VRay and Photoshop with Plugins for creating “Perfect 3D Renders”.

You will learn what tools you need to use and what buttons you need to press in order to get PHOTOREALISTIC Results!

Your 3D images will look like real photos if you follow my instruction and learn to use properly all sneaky tips and tricks that I’m going to show you in these videos.

Plus you’ll be able to DOWNLOAD ALL THE VIDEOS to your device and take them anywhere you go – that way you will never get bored on vocations and time wasting meetings.

So here’s what you will find in this app (made for iPhone & iPad users)


Topics that being covered in these videos

1. Exterior scene basic setup – linear method with gamma 1.0
2. VRay Displacement – how to make carpet with displacement map
3. Importing and working with AUTOCAD files in 3Ds max
4. Color correction and color processing techniques with Photoshop
5. Basic post work with Photoshop
6. Basic HDRI setup for exteriors
7. Rendering settings explanation & useful tips
8. Framing, cropping and balancing compositions with Photoshop
9. VRay useful parameters and rendering settings
10. VRayPhysCam – f/number – Fstops for proper exposure setup
11. White balance and basic color correction with Photoshop
12. Photoshop background Photomontage and Z-depth
13. Gammalinear and exponential rendering
14. Photorealistic aspects in render
15. VRay Shader setup
16. Procedural materials and Free library downloads
17. SolidRocks review with VRay render samples
18. Texture optimization tips
19. Easy steps to photo-realism
20. VRay rendering settings optimization
21. Colorization and style techniques with Photoshop
22. How to give unique look to you 3D render
23. Advanced masking techniques with VRayToon
24. Exterior sky photomontage techniques
25. Increasing photorealism with 55mm Photoshop plugin
26. Tips for using VRay passes and ways to add fancy look to your renders
27. Painting natural light with Photoshop
28. Advanced color correction with VRayWireColor pass
29. Fixing artifacts – rendering solution
30. Creating stone wall with VRay displacement map
31. VRay binary tree explanation
32. Entering the arch. viz. market – tips & tricks
33. Basic interior scene lighting setup
34. Logic behind directional lighting setup
35. VRaySun & VRaySky explanation with examples
36. Advanced white balance tweaking
37. Low vs. High Rendering settings
38. Blending and mixing textures
39. Backing textures with VRay
40. Creating unique wall texture by using Photoshop brushes
41. Creating VRay materials – glass, chrome, plastic
42. From Day to Night lighting – interior setup
43. Most common mistakes and easy fixes with Photoshop
44. Color correction inside 3Ds max
45. Getting realistic look with Photoshop and plugins
46. Advanced light painting techniques
47. VRayPhysCam f/number stops for proper exposure setup
48. Floor Generator – Free 3Ds max plugin
49. Passes combination with Photoshop
50. Getting realistic look with LooksBuilder

Whoa! There’s a lot of topics that being covered – and it’s not all, this app will be constantly updated and upgraded with new content!

So don’t waste time- GET it Now – AND start making first steps to the PRO Level.


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