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VRayDecal | Quixel Bridge


In this tutorial we are going to explore VRay 6 Decals. And how we can use Quixel Bridge and VRayDecal manually:

VRayDecal is a great function to add detail without adding geometry.

Road cracks, dust, leaves, dirt splashes and other imperfections can be easily added to your 3D renders – just in one click!

Decals = Realistic Detail

Adding Decals is a way to go if you want to have rich and full scene, besides VRayDecal have some highlights:

  1. Projections are easy to manage – you can see it in the viewport, how the image being projected.
  2. You can manage order in which decals being projected. Mix “order” for deals to go on top of each other.
  3. You can use any custom Decal from Quixel Bridge

Try those decals in your scene. You can Download my scene here with Decals.

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