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VRSCENE from 3DsMax to Maya | UE4 | SketchUp


Today we are going to test VRSCENE format to move our project between multiple 3D applications. I’ve made a cyberpunk scene in 3DsMax and we’ll try to see how we can import it and have the same rendering and camera settings from V-Ray 5.

So far only UNREAL ENGINE got it precisely. Sketchup got it halfway in, but still, materials and cameras had to be adjusted. But it works with small scenes pretty well. Unfortunately, Maya wasn’t able to receive the scene, somehow the smaller loft scene came in rotated and had some geometry issues. Well, I guess you gotta have really small objects to move around from Max to Maya.

Let me know what you guys think about being a 3D Generalist?

I do see that many companies now looking for 3D artists that can do multiple things. Ideally, complete production from modeling to lighting, rendering, and final cinematic.

Is the era of 3D specialists over?

This is not ideal, having a pro for each topic is the way to go. But during those unprecedented times companies just looking to survive, the same goes for freelancers and regular employees.

If you do feel the same way and need to expand your range of skills? Check V-Ray Collection for easy access to all V-Ray applications.

This made my life so much easier, and now I’m able to get projects that were out of my reach.

Let me know if this yey or nay?

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