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10 Years to VRayGuide – Thank You for Following – Win a T-shirt

Thank you so much for following VRayGuide

I’m having fun doing this and I won’t stop now!


What a ride! And it does feel like yesterday. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect to get where I am today as VRayGuide, BUT it is more interesting when I think about where I can go tomorrow.

I surely can say that I wasn’t planning to experience multicultural life, that took me places, met me with amazing people, and it’s getting more interesting every day. That means the journey continues and the evolution never stops.

Hard Work Pays Off

Like a “Caterpillar that turns into a butterfly” and fly away to the horizon…  – And if you do have that story, a life-changing experience, please share it with us all. I really get inspired by people overcoming challenges, risking it all for their most desired dream. And with hard work and dedication, we all can reach those dreams!

So tell me if VRayGuide changed your life?

I really want to hear about it!

We do live in hard times, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make it? I do believe that every person has the power to change his life and get to be professional. Being professional puts you in different categories – with different life opportunities. And that I can tell you from my personal experience, the more professional you get, the more opportunities open up.

And the bigger set of tools you have, the more variety of jobs you can get. Instead of competing in a very saturated market, learn a few more “exotic” skills, and dominate the niche!

The Difference Is In The Difference

If your set of skills is different from the rest of the market, you can STAR your Town, State, or even Country! I’m not kidding, 6 months ago I opened up Phoenix FD for the first time. And now top world companies contacting me for services and education – since I’m from very few IN THE WORLD that knows how to do water simulation with 3Ds Max and VRay.

I’m not saying that I’m the best, nor the most professional with water, but I’m the best in Miami, and perhaps in Florida (as a single operational freelancer). And Miami is very well known for water, yachts, boat shows, and client tell that loves sailing.

So you see the trick here is not to work hard, but to work SMART! By adding skills to your collection of “Profitable Tools”. Look into what you are lacking, or what you can learn to be different?

And Just Go and Learn It – and when you’re done add it to your portfolio, contact potential clients, go to shows, and get your future gigs.

That’s how everybody doing that, so if you’re missing out, now it’s the best time to catch up.

Use free time to educate yourself and go up higher in your career ladder.

I’m Here If You Need My Help

I’m adding new classes, and we are entering new Era of Ray Tracing technology in REAL TIME – so soon enough we will not be rendering anymore. And that is amazing news, that I’m going to cover in my VR for UE4 class. And if you do want to be a part of it – NOW is The BEST Time to Join.

I have made it easy to access all classes in one subscription – so if you are planning to make that transformation and step to the PRO VRay World.

Here is the most ultimate package that will teach you all it takes to become VRay Professional.

Thank You Gift

As an appreciation, I’m giving away our T-Shirt and Hat – to the best “Eye-Opener” comment. Let me know if my videos made that shift to change your life?! The BEST comment will get our Signature Wear 👍

So post your comments bellow Let me know if my videos helped you?

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Thanks again for following VRayGuide

Peace & Love


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