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Have YOU ever had 3D Challenges?

When you just DID NOT KNOW how to make it BETTER?

Maybe it’s the Lighting? OR bad camera angle? or perhaps it’s the color combination?

Anyways NO HARMONY in the 3D Image! Not GOOD!

For the PAST 8 YEARS these wore my CHALLENGES! The mistakes that I did were simply CRUSHING.

Eventually I’ve DEVELOPED STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM it and there is no reason why you CAN’T USE IT!


Simply because I want YOU to be BETTER than ME! and if you are, THUMBS UP buddy!

– Why?

Because it challenges the whole COMMUNITY and PUSHES the entire technology FORWARD!


It’s a WIN WIN INVESTMENT. And YOU are investing in YOURSELF

– BEST Thing To Do Right Now!

Talking about investments? What is the best investment in your FUTURE?

Stocks? Cars? Gold?

How about EDUCATION?

In matter affect, all of the investments can cause damage UNLESS it’s KNOWLEDGE!

Tell me that I’m wrong!

OK! Cut the Crap! Just See what others got to say about this workshop!

  • “Hi team Alex, Just to say thanks for all the tips and hard work u put in e-book is awesome, well done! I finally feel like I’m becoming a decent 3d artist. My website is being revamped soon so hope you take peek when it’s done. I will let u know               Regards         Warren Erasmus”

In Self-Training Package YOU ARE GETTING 8 years of my personal EXPERIENCE!

Here’s How it Works

We have gathered many useful materials that will accelerate your growth as PRO 3D Artist. One of them is the professional approach, rules and conditions you have to be aware of in professional Arch. Viz. world.

Together with complete characteristics of healthy working habits and professional technical setup – you will uncover my unique methods for having a Successful 3D Career!

  • BONUS #1- eBook Key to 3D Success 2nd Edition.


  • BONUS#2 – NUBA COR Scene for 3Dsmax & VRay users.


  • With Night Rendering & Lighting settings.


  • VRayPhysCam (camera) settings included. You can render nice “Depth of field”.


  • BONUS#3 – 4 Recorded WEBINARS – VRay Master Class – 8 Hours of VRay LIVE Training. One month support in our private forum.
  • See the COMMON mistakes and how to fix them in easy STEPS!
  • Learn to setup your Program and avoid Failure.

 What are the Webinars ABOUT?

  1. Webinar – Exterior setup Linear 1,1,1 White balance and Color processing + 5 Exterior Setups for Free download – 1:35h
  2. Webinar – Post Production Techniques and HDRI Setup + Downloads – 2:25h
  3. Webinar – VRay Parameters – Irradiance map vs. Brute force, F/number, Color correction and BG photo-montage – 2:12h
  4. Webinar – Photoshop techniques and VRay FREE Materials for download – 1:47h

All this covered with One Month Support – Q&A section in our PRIVATE FORUM! You can simply ask anything you want and get an answer within 24 hours.

I’m Here To Support YOU!

I know it’s hard sometimes to get the desired result, ONCE I’ve also struggled with VRay, I know as silly as it sounds, but yes you get better only if you work with instructor. And I’ve worked with some professionals in my life – so now I can pass it on to YOU.

You can get PRO feedback to your 3D Work, directly from me, everyday in our PRIVATE forum. I can can let you know the small details to successful 3D image.
I’ll also make sure that all the training material clear, and you’re on the right track.

SPECIAL BONUS  – 10 Marketing videos for 3D Artists:

  1. Entering the market
  2. Youtube insight
  3. Setting up blog/website
  4. Pushing Post, SEO and Copy.
  5. Vimeo Stats
  6. Keyword toll
  7. AdWords – Campaign setup
  8. Facebook Ads – Campaign Setup
  9. AsWords & Facebook – Campaign results
  10. Good example of VRay Blog.

In these videos I’ll show exactly how to set up a website, get viewers from market research and social activity, and grow your company – or just BE SUCCESSFUL FREELANCER 🙂

It’s easy to do – and over 50 users doing it now! So if you need “Direction Plan” to Successful 3D Life!

You can get it HERE


I’ve done it  together with many students – If they could do to – So can YOU!

See you inside,

Sample video #1 – Marketing

Sample video #2 – Mindset

Sample video #3 – Technology

Sample video #4 – Plugins

If you liked these video samples – you probably gonna love this training!

Subscribe to watch over 50 video tutorials with PRO Tips and Tricks for 3D Artists.

Click the button bellow and join our training Today!


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  1. Outdated but informative for beginners

    The program material presented in Keys to 3D success is fairly outdated. However, the base concepts taught can be used by beginners to get a grasp of what it takes to become a 3D artist professionally. Seasoned professionals will not find anything new or that they have not already encountered.

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