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Learn to Master Your 3D Renders With PRO Photoshop Skills

No Matter What SOFTWARE you use – SketchUp, Rhino, Blender, Maya, 3DsMax – All Renders End Up in PHOTOSHOP!


“How to Turn Your 3D Render Into a Masterpiece”

I’m about to show you some FREE TOOLS that you can use to transform “so what” renders into GREAT LOOKING 3D.

If you know how to use those techniques – YOUR RENDERS WILL NEVER LOOK THE SAME!

VRay RENDERING ELEMENTS – can be the only thing you need to master – the rest is being build upon this basis.

However YOU need to learn the basics and understand the logic behind each element in your scene – AND THIS – I can only do by SHOWING YOU EXAMPLE of a “Future CIty Model”

What You Will Learn?

  • How to apply quick color corrections by use AUTO tools adjustment

  • How to treat “Render Elements” – VRay Passes – We will go over types of passes and how to blend them properly

  • Usage of FREE Plugins to Render Anti-Aliased masks and applying them in Photoshop

  • Adjustment Layers method for isolating objects for proper color treatment

  • Working with Landscape and 2D Vegetation Library

  • Placing cut-out people – OldSchool placeholder technique

  • Adding Photorealistic Effects – Lens Distortion, Chromatic Aberration, Film Grain, Vignette

  • Color Processing Tools – bring natural colors back to your RENDER

  • Natural Lighting Effects; Glow, Sun Beams, Lens Flare, Z-Depth

What Skills You Get Upon Completing This Masterclass?

  • You’ll Know how to fix Lighting in Bad Renders

  • You’ll have better control over your scene objects

  • Your images will have better quality and final look

  • You’ll be able to produce renders faster

  • You’ll be ahead of your competition

  • You can charge more for services!

What You Will Get?

  • 2D Photoshop Trees

  • 2D Cut-Out People

  • 2D Lens Flare & Brushes

  • 2D Post Processing Filters

  • PHOTOSHOP Brushes

  • VRay Rendered Passes to practice

What is VRaySchool Learning Portal?

  • www.vrayschool.com – Secured Learning System – on the Fastest WP-Engine server

  • After successful payment you’ll be able to login and download all the training materials

  • PRIVATE FORUM SUPPORT – Got questions? You can use our CLOSED – PRIVATE FORUM for Q&A

  • Unlimited Access to our Masterclass Video Recordings (You can access Masterclass; Anytime – Anywhere!)

BONUS #1– Online Q&A Masterclass Schedule 20th May

Saturday – 11pm -2pm (MIAMI TIME)

  • 11:00am – Start – Day Scene Setup Overview

  • 11:30am – VRay Passes Assembly

  • 12:00pm – Objects breakdown – Adjustment Layers

  • 12:30pm – Adding depth – Natural Lighting Effects

  • 1:00pm – Placing 2D People & Vegetation in perspective

  • 1:30pm – Lens Distortion Effects – Photorealsitic Look

  • 2:00pm – End of Workshop

* You’ll be able to download all the training materials at the first day of class.

BONUS #2 – “LIVE EVENT” Schedule 27th May (Get Ticket HERE)

Saturday – 1pm -4pm (MIAMI TIME)

  • 1:00pm – Start – Day Scene Setup Overview

  • 1:30pm – VRay Passes Assembly

  • 2:00pm – Objects breakdown – Adjustment Layers

  • 2:30pm – Adding depth – Natural Lighting Effects

  • 3:00pm – Placing 2D People & Vegetation in perspective

  • 3:30pm – Lens Distortion Effects – Photorealsitic Look

  • 4:00pm – End of Workshop

* You’ll be able to download all the training materials at the first day of class.

Masterclass Online Webinar

  • Online Webinar 11am MIAMI TIME 20th May

  • Streaming (Screen Sharing) via Google Hangouts

  • Camera & Microphone / Chat available


No Problem – You can Login and go through MASTERCLASS Training Materials Anytime

And if you have any questions our PRIVATE FORUM Q&A Section Will BE AVAILABLE for YOU!


Your Success is Our Pride!

About VRay Instructor

Alexander Vasiliuk – Senior 3D Artist – 12 years working experience – 7 years teaching, writing and assisting beginners reach high level of Arch. Viz. production.

Since 2005 worked for companies such as; HP, DBOX, F&f, CADMAN . Graduated with Engineering degree in Interactive Communication (Technion) in 2004. Accomplished A.A Degree in Film TV and Animation (DeAnza College) in 2013. Highlights; Strong design background / Sharp eye with attention to detail / Professional understating of light behavior and digital painting techniques.

Wrote books and manuals about VRay Rendering and Post Production. Since 2009 – released 10 learning apps and 12 online classes. Engaged in seminars and CG exhibitions as a GUEST SPEAKER. Blog writer and architectural explorer – always brings fresh video tutorials and shares his discoveries with Arch. Viz. community.

That’s about it, hope to see you with us on 20th – it’s gonna be a lot of FUN!

This Masterclass is LIMITED to 25 USERS


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