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Demo Reel Production with NUKE and Premiere Pro

WEBINAR 4 – Demo REEL Production

Finally, we get to Demo REEL Production – here’s how you can do it with NUKE and Premiere Pro

I hope you find those tips useful – we are going to add more videos and have more interior shots of gas stove, fossil, candle, cigarette, beer, coffee, milk.

This Demo REEL Production took 1 MONTH to learn and produce by using PHOENIX FD for 3DSMAX and VRay NEXT.

I’ve used Alienware 17 R5 Laptop to render all my sequences overnight, sometimes a bit more.

You can expect to produce the same results if you follow my instructions.

If you do feel that this online training will open new doors to new career opportunities –

You’re more than welcome to join our workshop here:

In case you were wondering where to get those cool transitions and music:

VFX for ArchVIZ is the only class that can teach you to work with Fire & Water in V-RAY!

– In a few days, I’ll release my NEW DEMO REEL – And I really want to thank everyone that was following those VFX series.

I hope you all enjoying those insights and knowledge sharing. And if you start using NUKE – remember where you saw it first)

Take this workflow and use it to produce your ARCHVIZ Reel.

Share it on Social Media – Let your friends know the real deal!


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