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Fire with VRAY NEXT and Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max

REALISTIC FIRE with VRay and Phoenix FD

The more I use this plugin the more I understand how complicated my life was by trying to fake fire – that actually doesn’t come even close to what you’re about to see. Fire with VRay has never been so easy – here’s how:

As you can see, this is not rocket science, if you follow these steps you should get the same results!

Why does this fire look realistic?

  • It will show in all the reflective objects you have in your scene
  • It creates realistic warm lights that follow the flame size and density.
  • The flames are physically correct so they will wrap around the object, and will look real!

Adding fire to your scene will boost up your level of professionalism – basically, ask for a (jk).

Keep up the creativity level and crave to learn more VFX for ArchVIZ

Stay tuned – more cool stuff is on the way!

DOWNLOAD 002 PhoenixFd Fireplace 3Ds Max 2019 scene

Regular Speed

NEXT we will examine how to use re-timing on the fire – Slow Motion looks much nicer 🔥 #Phoenix FD for #3DsMax and #VRAYNEXT

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More info regarding VFX for ArchVIZ online class – can be found here:

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