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Floating Boat with Active Bodies | Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max and VRay

Floating Boat with Active Bodies

I this video tutorial we are going to discover how to make a floating boat with Phoenix FD and Active Bodies Preset. If you were following the previous tutorial, where we created Ocean Storm, then you can just continue from where we left.

Since we already have the waves the way we want them now it’s time to add a vessel/boat haul and play around with body mass.

**Very important note; Try to use a very simple geometry object. If you have a yacht with sails, detach those and have them linked to the haul. “Boat Haul” is the only thing that needs to be simulated and it got to be low poly. So if you have some high poly boat, try to make a demi object that will be used only for simulation, and later on, can be hidden and the high-res boat will be revealed for the final render.

Alright, that being said, now let’s get to the “business” and simulate some sailing in the rough ocean!

Since all the boats are different and have a unique shape and center mass – Setting this up might require some trails and error – it’s the fundamentals of problem-solving and with testing different body mass presents you can find the one that works the best for your boat.

I hope you liked this tutorial, please share it!

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