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GPU RENDERING with VRay NEXT for 3Ds Max


Learn to use GPU Rendering with VRay NEXT to get fast results with dynamic objects.

This rendered x1.5 times faster than regular CPU – when you use Volume Grid (for clouds) then GPU will be a better choice for faster rendering.

Also, Default VRay Denoiser did quite a good job of polishing the noise out and providing pretty slick-looking results.

You can assemble those by using Nuke Non-Commercial version. Or you can also use any other software such as; After effects, Fusion..etc.

And if you interested in a FREE viewer to “check” your rendered sequences without loading them into an editing program – Download here a pretty cool software called – DJV

In general, I am satisfied with the speed that my GTX 1070 was able to produce. Again faster cards will give you a much better performance.

GPU rendering is becoming a better and faster choice for ArchViz – feels like soon enough will be rendering real-time in full HD

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More of this PRO VRay Knowledge can be found in our online class – VRay NEXT GUIDE

Stay tuned for upcoming dynamic clouds!

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