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Merry Christmas | V-Ray Gifts | FREE 3D Model

Merry Christmas  |   V-Ray Gifts

The world is transforming and we are a part of that transformation.


This year we had some difficulties, but we made it so far! Now it’s time to celebrate, exchange V-Ray Gifts, and enjoy time with your family!

My gift to you is this cool Studio lighting setup – it’s a very powerful Lighting Rig that I use to render my 3D Models. This time a season I’d like to share it with you 🙂

V-Ray Gifts

Download V-Ray Gifts – FREE 3D Scene Here

This year wasn’t easy and I know many of you had to do adjustments to fit in, learn a new skill, get a new job.

For those that were able to keep their old job, you probably had to do some tasks you’ve never done before.

The world is reshaping, and new working environments being created. finding an online job now became the norm.

From seminars, events, universities, and colleges – all done online. Especially personal tutoring! I see the big rise of Tutors ads.

Since schools are closed, families (mainly mothers) hire different local tutors to teach their kids different subjects. Many schoolers want to learn 3D 🙂

Subjects that teenagers are actually interested in – using Zoom technology or Google Meet with screen sharing – online learning becomes instant.

As we step into the NEW ERA – I have 3 Skills SET that in my opinion are the most important to learn.

V-Ray 3DsMax | Photoshop Post | UNREAL ENGINE 4

Why those are important?

  • V-Ray 5 for 3Ds Max is only getting better and taking all the good stuff from Corona, even the rendering algorithms.
  • Photoshop is a pro tool that can make “Candy” out of regular render.
  • UNREAL ENGINE is simply the future, the more you play around with it, the better you become, soon it will become the ultimate production tool. Many companies these days looking for 3D artist that is proficient with those programs.

Obviously, V-Ray 3DsMax & Photoshop is a must, but companies also want you to be familiar with UNREAL, and if you do? Then you most likely get the job.

Specialists have to go out of their comfort zone and start providing extra services, ideally full production from the beginning to the end. 3D Modelers have to learn how to light and render, 3D animators need to learn lighting, rendering, and post.

This How You Succeed In The Modern

World Expand Your Skills Set To Get Jobs

This year we can become what we actually want to be, and learn to master what we always were putting aside. I’ve got my GEAR VR HTC Vive – so I’m gonna play with VR, do some tutorials on those subjects. Also, check new Phoenix FD limiting particle parameters for a water fountain.

Let me know if you have ideas for a new workshop?

Next week we will launch a survey to see what’s the most wanted topic in ArchVIZ. Then we probably can do a challenge with prizes.

Tropical Island | VRay 5 | Fly-through Animation Interior / Exterior

Meanwhile, take it easy and enjoy this time of year! Best time to spend it with your family and have some fun! And in case you get a spare minute you can upgrade some of your skills with these Best Sellers on Udemy  |  Pro 3D Artist Skills Set 3 Coupons:


PHOTOSHOP for Architects | COUPON | DD7257C5F6C73FF0F6CC


Enjoy the Holidays!


Christmas Promotion ends in 2 days. Get it today – Learn it later.

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