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Sailing BOAT Phoenix FD Preset

Sailing BOAT Phoenix FD

In this tutorial, we are going to make a Sailing Boat Phoenix FD preset. This preset can be reused for future projects, just need to swap the boats and re-simulate.

I’m a big fan of reusing good work and perfecting it to the best! No need to create everything from scratch, with this preset production pipeline becomes easier.

We are going to use DUMMY and attach the simulation box to it. That way we can have our rotation animation of the sailing boat independently from the simulation box.

  • Make sure your simulation box is flat on the surface and moving only on 1 axys.  So no ups and dows, one smooth linear line of motion.

Then you can hide the dummy and animate your boat swinging back and forth. It’s an easy trick that can fit any type of boat. Unless it’s a big cruise ship or a big mega yacht.

Those types of big boats normally would not tilt like that, unless it’s an ocean storm.

Alright, that been said, it’s always a good idea to watch some references of the boat you’re trying to simulate.

Different boats, behave differently, it all depends on size, speed, and weather conditions.

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sailing boat preset

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