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VRay 5 Materials Library | IPR Rendering

VRay 5 Materials Library

In this tutorial, we are going to check out new VRay Materials Library that was added to the latest update for VRay 5.

VRay shader materials were made with procedural .tx format that allows the production of highest texture quality even after re-rescaling.

In addition, we are going to examine a variety of color tones and combinations that work well together. The design process can be executed through IPR function in VFB to help us get immediate feedback and decide if those are the materials we are going to use.

After the design and render, we will be using some advanced functions for doing some post proccing within VFB. I’m going to show you layer technique for the usage of blending modes over rendered elements, such as specular, reflections, refractions, lighting, GI…etc.

In case you’re willing to test those materials – DOWNLOAD 3DsMax SCENE HERE

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